Visiting bakery

It’s good for area school superintendents to regularly visit local industries and business. It’s a direct way to understand, connect and network with the potential employers of their students and learn directly what employee skills and abilities these employers need now and in the future.

The recent visit to Stroehmann Bakeries brings to mind a field trip to the Stroehmann Bakery I and the entire Muncy Elementary School third grade class took in the Spring of 1964. All four classes, teachers and room mothers boarded two buses in the morning and in one day toured the Stroehmann bread bakery and the Coca Cola bottling plant on Washington Blvd, went through Hurr’s Dairy in South Williamsport, had a paper bag lunch in Brandon Park, then visited the Sun-Gazette offices and printing room and finished the trip at the now gone Williamsport Fire Station between West and Hepburn Streets.

All this, and back in Muncy for the 3:05 bell. Some memory details. Lots of fluffy white dough in pans ready to be baked and the smell of the finished product with a comic book given to each of us with the Stroehmann girl as Alice in Wonderland who kept her head by delivering to the Red Queen a perfect loaf of bread. Soda soda everywhere, but no freebies at the Coke plant. Powdered milk coming off the machine at Hurr’s like a continuous white bed sheet. Recognizing the front page of the afternoon paper at home as the image of the reverse plate they showed us earlier at the Gazette. A fireman demonstrating the pole (we couldn’t understand why he wouldn’t let us try). Quite a day for a hundred or so 10 year old kids.

Conrad Shull


Submitted by Virtual Newsroom