It amazes me that a student or a parent complains about the school schedules. I sincerely doubt most students are suffering severe stress because of class work and the ability to join clubs. If they attended school regularly, did required work every day and asked teachers for help when needed they would not feel stressed as the letter to the editor indicated. I think missed assignments are available online.

It is one thing to be ill and miss school in which case I am quite certain teachers would gladly provide needed help and missed assignments. It is another just to skip school. Students do work jobs but then the student makes those choices as necessary. Most students spend more time with cellphones or other devices than necessary. Most want good grades with little or no work involved. WORK us a dirty four letter word for students. They are so coddled if they ever actually get an education and a job employers are often appalled at their attitudes. I’m surprised patents don’t want a nap period built into the schedule for students at all levels.

Maureen Taylor

Jersey shore

Submitted by Virtual Newsroom