Biblical law

Regardless of what other may think and say, we were founded on Biblical laws. We are still a Judeo-Christian nation. This time of year we, as Christians, should have our minds fixed on that pearl of great price. That price which was paid for mankind on the cross. Still there are many still seeking and searching for something that has truth and meaning, and substance, perhaps that hill worth dying on as the Marines say.

In this crazy mixed up world keep seeking and you will find, keep knocking and it will be opened unto you. There is hope and there is a hill, and it is called Calvary. Our hope and our focus as Christians should be on the cross. Not in our good works, we do not need to send our sons and our daughters to murder and die for our or their Salvation. God sent His one and only Son the man called Jesus, into the world to die for us; those rusty nails should have been ours. My friends you can call on that name that is above all names, day or night. He is there 24/7. He won’t put you on hold. He is the Lord of Lords and the king of kings, every tongue will confess that name someday, either before or a nada second after death. Go to church on Sunday morning seeking, and knocking.

That loneliness, that hunger that thirsts, can only be satisfied by the water that quenches your thirst or that burning inside, drink from the well of life, that living water. Seek Him while He may still be found. My friends, time is running out.

Ron Dudley


Submitted by Virtual Newsroom