Bravo, Montoursville

I attended the Montoursville musical “Pippen” April 12, with 25 students, directors, and parents from Liberty High School’s music department. We were privileged to witness an outstanding performance that is only rivaled on Broadway! The dedication and hard work put in by these students was refreshing in a time when our youth are chastised for being lazy and without direction.

Having three sons in plays at Liberty High School over the years I know the long hours and endless practices that are involved. The directors are the soul of any performance and the time and dedication they put forth goes above and beyond any job description.

We must protect arts programs from budget cuts. When the issue of cutting them comes before our school boards, we need to use the wise words of king Charlemagne denied! The only bad thing about this play is it had to end. Thanks for a wonderful night! Bravo, Montoursville!

Tim Kreger