Do the right thing

I am a mother of two college students, a wife of 33 years, a taxpayer, and a homeowner.

I have been working since I was sixteen years old, and am currently a homecare attendant. I take care of my consumer in her home and help keep her out of a nursing home where it would cost the state three times as much.

The work I do is hard, but important, and I have always believed that if a person works hard, she should be able to cover her basic needs.

Unfortunately, Gov. Corbett’s decision to not accept Medicaid Expansion is putting me at a disadvantage. I am one of half a million people in our state who would be covered by the Expansion.

Without it, I’m left without healthcare. I have had to put medical and dental treatments on hold, and just hope nothing goes wrong. At 51 years old, that is not a good place to be.

Medicaid Expansion wouldn’t just save lives, it is financially the right thing to do for our state. It would bring in $500 million this year alone to Pennsylvania, create jobs, and help local hospitals.

Governor Corbett has proposed an alternate plan called “Healthy PA,” but it does not live up to its name. His plan would actually limit benefits to people with disabilities and even those battling cancer.

Cutting assistance to the most vulnerable people in our state will not make us “healthy.”

The governor needs to do the right thing and accept Medicaid Expansion.

It is the only way to make sure millions of hardworking people in our state get the healthcare they deserve.

Carmela Green


Submitted by Virtual Newsroom