Education flaws

It has, more than come to my attention, but rather been beating at the door that the education system not only no longer educates their students but also attempts to display their power over students in almost every day activities. I am tired of these tyrannical acts in the school system expressing their authority by creating guidelines, regulations, and limits to everything the students do.

It is understandable that they want it quiet in the library because it is a place for studying and working, and large groups of people at one table might get out of control or have in the past. But when these rules are enforced you run into problems when there are some teachers who have no ability to think on their own and only enforce these rules. These rules may have a good intention but seeing how the library is a place to work that is where many people, including myself, go to do their work. It then becomes impossible to do work when the librarian yells at you for breaking these rules.

I understand there are reasons for having these rules; however, there needs to be thought and reason put into the enforcers of these rules. I believe in the constitution and John Locke’s expression of our human/natural rights. The belief in this for some reason is now discouraged in the school system. Instead of educating your students like an educational system is supposed to do, you are now just training us to obey authority. It feels as though we are in a dictatorship and have no say.

If we argue our opinion on these rules with a teacher that is enforcing them, then all we do is get punished instead of having a healthy debate based on thought and reason. Obeying authority isn’t always a good thing in fact it can become extremely dangerous. Our Founding Fathers would agree with that statement. If the government is trying to enforce rules that are against your rights such as taking away your freedom of speech or right to bear arms and we are only trained to obey authority and not think for ourselves as individuals then the government would be able to control everything we do and we then have no freedoms at all.

Is this the kind of country we have decided to live in? Defiance isn’t an evil act but an act by individuals that can think. I am tired of this power act for once bring reason and logic into the education system.

Dylan Lee Hamm

Jersey Shore

Submitted by Virtual Newsroom