As a retired Social Security recipient, I heard again today a politician speak about how Social Security will “run out of money by 2021.”

I have never heard any politician, Republican or Democrat, say we will run out of Welfare or Food Stamp money. Why? With Social Security, working taxpayers contribute every paycheck for a future benefit.

The government noticed the Social Security Trust Fund had more money that needed for pay outs, so the government “borrowed” Social Security cash and left behind a government Bond which means future citizens have a loan repayment obligation.

Welfare and SNAP appear to be bottomless pits into the public money trough and there is no problem! Why? My understanding is that the SNAP card automatically received a fresh infusion of taxpayer cash each month for the card holder to spend. What controls are in-place to ensure when a card holder dies, a family member does not simply keep draining the card month-by-month?

The 99-week unemployment benefit benefits neither the recipient or the taxpayers of this nation. The recipient forgets the work ethic and emerges after nearly two years without the routine of rising early and going off to work.

I see no reason why welfare or 99-week folks are not required to report daily to their town hall for a daily assignment for 40 hours a week. It makes no sense to me to pay out these “benefits” for folks to remain idle while towns hire janitors for schools and public buildings, to cut grass in our town parks, rake leaves and shovel snow, etc.

What will happen when more than 50 percent of the populace figures out they can “game” the system and let the taxpayers also pay their way? Welfare was designed to be a “stop-gap” system, but far too many have made it a way of life. Enough!

Ron Benjamin


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