Everyone wins

May I respectfully remind you that the purpose of a government is to protect its people, not businesses. I believe after reading your article, that you have never tried to support a family on the current minimum wage in Pennsylvania of $7.25/hour. A person working 40 hours per week at $7.25/hour grosses $290/week, or $1160/month (again, before taxes). Many families are unfortunately led by a single parent, and trying to pay rent, utilities, gas, and food on this salary is impossible. These workers are then forced to seek government assistance to help support their family.

This government assistance is funded from American people and business tax dollars. When the minimum wage is raised to an actual living wage, everyone wins. Less people need to turn to government assistance, and in turn are empowered to be in a position to support their family on the money they earn from their job. They also have more freedom to put their money back into the local economy. Please think again before blaming hardworking people who need a living wage for the downfall of small businesses.

Maddy Winner


Submitted by Virtual Newsroom