Help fight for soul of party

Well, our current Governor and Republican Legislature have been asleep for far to long.

The campaigned on no new taxes, liquor store privatization, fixing the state pension plan, balancing the budget, lower taxes at the gas pump and eliminating the property tax.

Instead we got higher gas prices due to a $2.4 billion “gas tax”. A governor who supports COMMON CORE an educational nightmare for anyone who wants their children to learn.

This while a majority of Pennsylvania citizens don’t want anything to do with this nationalization of school curriculum.

So as a Republican who wants a Governor and Legislature who will fight for real free-market, lower taxes, educational choices and will stand up for true Constitutional Principles?

Well, you can help fire the first shot in this battle for a fight over the sole of the party on May 20 at the ballot box.

Vote for Bob Guzzardi as the Republican candidate for Governor.

Thomas Brown

State College

Submitted by Virtual Newsroom