History repeating

While President Barack Obama was busy appearing on The View and filling out his March Madness brackets. Vladamir Putin and the mullahs of Iran have a much larger agenda. Putin knows weakness when he sees it. He knows that President Obama has neither the stomach nor the fortitude to stop Russian goals and strategies.

Crimea and the Ukraine are only the beginning as the Russian bear extends it’s paws into old territories and possible more. Much like Great Britain prior to World War 11. Barack Obama is our Neville Chamberlain. He refuses to see the big picture until it is too late.

President Obama and the United Nations have threatened Iran for years with weak sanctions. The end result has emboldened the mullahs of Iran to be even closer yet to a nuclear power. Iran has stated it’s goal is to wipe Israel off the face of the earth. I for one, believe them. Within the next couple of years, if not sooner, Iran will have nuclear warhead capability. History will repeat itself. As during World War 11. When the world stood idly by as millions of Jews were slaughtered during the holocaust by Nazi Germany.

Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu will be left with no choice other than a pre-emptive strike on Iran. Who will stand by Israel’s side? Unfortunately, much like during World War 11. No one will be there for them. They will be alone to deal with the consequences of protecting their people from a radical regime that wants to annihilate them. The fallout of a pre-emptive strike will be resounding throughout the world. AS an anti-semetic pro-muslim world delivers their wrath for Israel defending herself. Israel is one of our greatest allies and the only democracy in the middle east. President Obama and the United States of America will turn it’s back on Israel. Woe onto us for allowing this to happen.

Jon Michael Hasselman


Submitted by Virtual Newsroom