Horse slaughter

Horse slaughter is becoming one of the largest problems in the United States. Slaughter houses are meat processing and shipping plants. In these plants, animals are treated extremely inhumanely to the point where it’s classified as torture. Almost any animal can be sent to one.

There has always been the joke that people sent their horses to the glue and dog food factory. The scary part is it wasn’t a joke.

Slaughter houses are the middle man in the horse slaughter business. Horse owners get rid of their horses and sell them to kill buyers. They are then inhumanely shipped to slaughter houses in Mexico and Canada, where they are killed, processed, and shipped all over Europe for human consumption.

Slaughter houses not only kill horses but other animals, too. Slaughter houses will kill cows, chickens, sheep, goats, pigs, other livestock, dogs, cats, and other household pets.

Slaughter houses send their meat throughout the United States with different animal meats that are labeled “legal” by the FDA, and then to others throughout Europe, Mexico, Asia, Canada, and Africa. Although slaughter houses still kill and produce the meat, one of the main arguments against horse slaughter is that the meat is not healthy for human consumption.

All horse owners know that every few months they have to deworm their horse, and every year they need their usual shots and vaccinations.

If someone looked very close at all the packaging on these shots and health precautions they would see that all of them are not safe for human consumption, and some shouldn’t even be in contact with skin.

If the medicines aren’t safe to touch, how are they safe for people to eat the meat that they are in?

Jamie Brown

Jersey Shore

Submitted by Virtual Newsroom