How to stop it

What are the basic necessities: Food, clothing and shelter. People work to provide these things and also for self-respect. People on minimum wage do not expect to live grand, but to sustain the barest minimums of life. Some of them will be able to grow away from these jobs but others never will, due to many reasons. Do not think that they do not work just as hard as people in higher paying jobs for this is just not true.

In order to do away with the minimum wage, we must first bring it up to the level of many years ago – this would be the $11.00 to $12.00 range, and never, never, never raise prices of anything again. Job done!

If we cannot do this, then we must give an annual cost of living raise to maintain the status quo. If the minimum wage is not raised now and purchasing power continues to fall, the welfare and food stamps fund will be starving in the streets.

For any American to condone this is unconscionable, and for any politician or business owner to deny the poor people their own existence who are willing to work is without a doubt totally wrong.

Remember, to stop the minimum wage we most stop raising prices!

If you disagree with this letter, you do not now work for minimum wage and probably never have.

Frank E. Eck