Jobless rate questioned

The unemployment rate is dropping?

I don’t know where Harrisburg is looking but it’s not looking at Pennsylvania. There are people out there taking part-time jobs to get some money so they can feed their family

So they take two part-time jobs at 7.25 a hour or live on the street. That’s why it looks like unemployment is down one person is working two part-time jobs at $7.25 a hour. Of course it makes it look like there are a lot of people working. Well, the big shots in office need to get a life and see how the real world is living.

I think for all those idiots who are holding back on giving us our unemployment we are due. We should get their addresses so we will have a place to live and eat. Should we go get welfare instead, that makes a lot of sense.

But the idiots that are running the country they think they got it right.

Ernestine Sholder


Submitted by Virtual Newsroom