Keep stories coming

In a brief letter a couple months ago, I complimented the Sun-Gazette on the fine effort the newspaper does in reporting the news. I am not in agreement with many of the “editorial” comments made which numerous subscribers share like thoughts. Nevertheless, I want to affirm the excellent news reporting and the right of your readers to express themselves. Thank you.

There is one Associated Press article which appeared March 12, “UN: 5.5 million Syrian children affected by war,” which I would like to express a thought about. It is stated that more than one-half of Syria’s children have suffered significant health defects, physical malnutrition, diminshed educational and social opportunities, along with a myriad of other calamities which usually accompany civil conflict. Somehow, this important information is rarely seen on TV’s Night News Broadcasts. Stock Market reports and the like are often given first priority.

The article I reference goes on to describe “bloodied babies, lifeless children and bombed out of schools,” with estimates numbering well into the thousands of youth killed in the endless turmpol of civil conduct, which is now entering its fourth year in that fragile place of the Middle East.

I am grateful, again, to the Sun-Gazette and your editorial staff, for covering these global occurrences. Please keep these kinds of stories coming, so as to continue to appeal to our sensibilities regarding this tragic news about the reality of deeply rooted human hatred effecting the most vulnerable persons in the world: Our children. And, let it be said: All children are our children. Whether at “home” or “abroad,” many of our young people are at “risk,” often brought on by adult attitudes and behaviors where power, control and domination seek to rule.

To all your readers locally and in the wider, global community, please remember the children of Syria, and the innocent throughout the world who are victims of evil intent.

Rev. Dr. Donald E. Shellhamer