Make it fair, please

By now all but the spring PIAA champs have been crowned. Ponder this. Since the start of the sports year, of the roughly 49 PIAA champs, 22 have been unrestricted private/charter schools. I believe this is a tad bit askew. Restricted public schools fight an increasingly uphill battle against these juggernauts. Public schools are restricted by their own geographic boundaries. Privates/charters aren’t and can collect student athletes from anywhere in the world…and they do!

These unrestricteds are a veritable bunch of all-star squads. In the football season alone, out of 8 finalists, there were 6 unrestricteds. Come on! Do you think there’s a little recruiting going on? I have a solution. No school without a geographic boundary may compete with publics for a title. Have the PIAA group the unrestricteds in their own category and separate them by size as is done with the publics.

As it is right now, any unrestricted school that pays it’s fee may amass any amount of all-stars and vie for a title. They’re not fettered by those pesky boundary lines. The PIAA needs to get it’s head out of the sand and make it fair for all. Public school athletes work too hard only to be defeated by a band of superstars.

Others have written that it was so unfair that the Neumann Knights were beaten by the Math, Civics and Science basketball squad this season. Keep in mind that St. John Neumann is one of those unrestricted schools.

Terry H. Hunter


Submitted by Virtual Newsroom