My welfare

I cannot count the number of times I have read letters-to-the editor that condemn socialism and “excessive” government spending. But I do not remember a single letter in 30 years that called for the elimination of the two biggest socialist and rapidly expanding programs that make up 43% of the Federal l budget, Medicare and Social Security or the elimination of the program which, until now, is the largest dollar expenditure on welfare; 48% of Medicaid payments made to 4% of welfare recipients: welfare families who have parents in nursing homes.

The average Social Security and Medicare recipient receives benefits worth more than the sum of his own contributions and depends on the contributions of younger current workers for the difference. 65% of nursing home residents, including our own parents, are on a socialist welfare program. Eliminating Medicare, Social Security and the nursing home component of Medicaid would all eliminate concerns about deficits and the national debt. Surely, the current debate about deficits cannot be reduced to everyone’s saying: “Don’t touch MY welfare.”

Tim Mannello


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