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A man is outraged by another man texting in a movie. An argument escalates and the man shoots and kills the person texting and wounds his wife.

A man pulls into a gas station next to a car load of kids playing loud music. An argument follows and the man shoots into the car killing a teenager.

A woman opens her front door to find a young girl who is acting strangely. The woman fires through the screen door killing the girl who, it turns out, was disoriented from being in an automobile accident.

A man, world renowned for sprinting on artificial legs, shoots through his bathroom door, killing his beautiful girlfriend who, he thought was an intruder, or who had made him furious.

A neighborhood watch volunteer follows and confronts a teenager walking through the neighborhood. In the scuffle that follows, the volunteer shoots and kills the young man.

A man finds a carload of kids egging and toilet papering his car. He fires in their direction killing a teenage girl.

In all these instances someone is dead and the shooter’s life is irreparably ruined. All these people, shooters and victims, would be living a normal life at this very moment if only a gun hadn’t been at hand.

Jon Bogle


Submitted by Virtual Newsroom