Recycleable. For those of you who don’t know what it means, it means recycleable newspaper, magazines, aluminum and tin cans, plastic containers, green, brown and clear glass and cardboard. I have yet to see any bins that deal with old mattresses, tires, broken down furniture, air conditioners, fans, baby furniture and whatever else.

I would like to be there just one time when you sneaky people drop your trash off. Too bad we couldn’t have surveillance cameras at these centers. I know that would be a money situation, but then it’s got to be a money situation to haul that trash away.

I would not blame them if they would do away with recycleable. I certainly hope not. There would be a lot of unhappy people, including myself, who do use the recycleable wisely, just because people like you drop your trash off.

Shame on you!

Christine Manny

Cogan Station