Show me the money

With the upcoming election season upon us, I started thinking about all those political ads we’ll start seeing. As far as I know the candidates and the party have to pay for those ads. But what happens to all that money? A conspiracy would be that some of the money paid to run the ads would end up as donations right back to the party or candidate. And from my experience most of the cable networks “is ideologically aligned” with the Democratic Party. If anyone hasn’t figured that out yet they definitely watch MSNBC.

I digress. I think the biggest scam for funneling future election dollars to the Dems is the outright criminal spending of 638 MILLION dollars for a website that doesn’t, will never, and was never meant to work. While the MSM forgot to mention that the contract went to “Friends of Michelle” the word did get out. So what happened to all those millions of dollars?

Did they really expect us to believe a website would cost a half billion dollars? No, and that’s not the problem; the problem is a media and a populace that could care less. Their major worries are how many more “bennies” they can get from Washington and not to elect Republicans that will “take away” those entitlements.

And where is this money for all the new benefit takers coming from? Well, after stating that the Treasury would not digitize the money supply, they did just that. And now they print dollars out of thin air. Imagine if you could just write in dollar amounts in your checkbook and then spend it. That’s just what the Treasury is doing. That’s the Obama monetary policy. I feel it is outright criminal to use money printed out of thin air, let alone taxpayer’s dollars to prop up future elections for the party in power. Yet, with a co-operating media and Justice Department, anything goes with no way of stopping it. The “Coup of ’08” is getting along just fine

Gregory Weigle

South Williamsport

Submitted by Virtual Newsroom