Something is wrong

A recent house fire in williamsport had no heat, but there were several space heaters in this occupied dwelling. At the service station on Third Street in Williamsport, kerosene is advertised for $4.50 a gallon. This is the fuel required in a space heater stove. Could this be the reason there was no heat in this dwelling?

Every resident should take a Sunday drive on West Fourth Street in Williamsport from Rose Street to the former Roosevelt Junior High School in Newberry. This heavily traveled street carries as much traffic as Third Street and the two together are supposed to be what Williamsport is all about. Through Newberry the dozens of potholes have become deeper and deeper. Soon groundhogs will take up residency within them.

In reply to a question asked by our local senator, for anyone to name any industry with the magnitude of the natural gas industry that has moved into Pennsylvania in the past 50 years, to let it be known. Since being a native New Yorker born in the center of the Finger Lakes Region and a resident of Pennsylvania since 1936, it should be brought to the public’s attention that the magnitude of this natural gas industry has yet to arrive in New York State.

That state is holding its own without all the bragging rights that our state officials and politicians are capitalizing on, such as the 30,000 jobs created with direct employment jobs for the gas industry, with an average salary of $84,400 a year. There are five tax-paying hotels in the Williamsport area which were not here 5 years ago. All of this only pushes the price of groceries and living higher and higher.

We have gone from an energy importer to an energy exporter. Over the past four years very little has been done except talk, concerning the infrastructure needed to deliver natural gas to the rural residents of the state. For any elected leader to make the statement that every man, woman and child in our county benefits from the electricity produced by natural gas, is completely derogatory. After receiving 750 complains this year, doesn’t the PUC sense something is wrong?

Weldon C. Cohick