Stressed to the max

Jersey Shore Area School District has decided to get rid of the homeroom time in the morning for their students. In the years before, student schedules included this time to get their overdue work done, make up a gym class if needed, and get the extra help from teachers. The new schedule for the 2013-2014 school year has dropped this morning time to make room for longer classes and a longer lunch period, or V.I.P. time.

The 70-minute lunch period is split into two halves to push students to have a section dedicated to filling their stomachs and another section for getting caught up and for getting extra help.

I do agree that it’s a good idea because it teaches children to be more responsible with making up for missed days and to want to get the extra help, but it doesn’t do anything when the teachers aren’t in the room half of the time.

When students want to get help, their teachers are put into hallways to watch the chaotic students and keep the ruckus down to a minimum for one half and then they are let loose to go to lunch wherever they please.

The morning period in the schedules of school years in the past gave not only students, but teachers the time they needed to work with each other. It is also a problem when the young adults need to make up a gym class but cannot find the time when they miss a day and have back work they received and they have to come to see the teacher for notes or other papers.

With the morning periods from years before, it gave students the allotted time to receive points for their missed gym class and still have time to work on any missed assignments from their teachers. The morning period gave students time to go to a club if they wanted to join one, but without that morning period, students are to go during their lunch period.

The school wants to encourage kids to be more active within the school, but how can students do that when they have so much on their plates? With the longer periods, teachers have more time to teach, but give the extra homework. Students will spend eight hours at school, then come home and have to work on homework for all their classes and their projects until they go to bed at night and then repeat this cycle daily. We, the students, are stressed to the max trying to find the time to get everything done in the time we have in a day. If students were to receive their homeroom period again, there would be more hours in the day to finish everything they have, reduce their stress, and let them enjoy their time in the clubs that they have joined.

Holly Enders

Jersey Shore

Submitted by Virtual Newsroom