Take a moment

Reflection during prayer this morning, I recalled times of my youth that I see disappearing from the traditions of this current culture. Not everyone has the same ones, but it would be a shame to see many of these disappear due to the family core values they instill in our youth and help to mold them with qualities that will help them for many years to come.

The age of technology of “bigger, faster, better” sometimes blinds us from the beauty and simplicity of what is right there in front of us. Cellular telephones and texting have replaced sitting down on the couch and calling your grandparents, elderly aunts and uncles and other important family members that you share your weekly events with in a personal manner.

I remember placing my finger into the rotary dial of the telephone that once hung on the wall of our kitchen after asking “permission” to make a call from South Williamsport all the way to Trout Run to my grandparents who were the caretakers of Grays Run Hunting Club and telling my grandfather that I hit a double in my little league game or letting my grandmother know how much I want to come and spend time with them next weekend. There was a voice at the other end of the receiver that transmitted not only the words that they said, but the emotions of excitement and love that I still remember and feel to this day long since they were laid to rest.

On any specific night of the week after homework was completed, the “entire” family would load into the station wagon to go and visit relatives. The excitement of listening to the AM radio to our favorite DJ in the car as we all sang the songs together laughing and enjoying the sights we passed along the way still are as fresh in my mind as what I did yesterday. A knock at the door and smiles all around as we hugged, handed them a snack for the evening and proceeded to talk, share and laugh at the many memories of the past and the new ones that we were making that night.

The Sunday morning routine of waking early, having breakfast, getting dressed into our church clothes and heading to listen to the pastor give us the good news of what Jesus has given to us is also a tradition that seems to have decreased in numbers as we have replaced this important aspect of our lives with Sunday morning sports and sleeping in because we feel that we “deserve” it.

Call me old fashioned, but I pick up the home-based telephone and make the call to my parents and let my children listen to their grandparents as we talk about our day-to-day lives. Call me old fashioned, but I load the kids up into the truck and take them to see their great uncles and aunts to hear the stories of their younger days listening to the oldies station along the way.

Call me old fashioned, but I wake my children and my wife each and every Sunday morning to prepare for church and eagerly hop into the truck to go and hear the pastor give the good news of Jesus Christ!

You see, “bigger, faster, better” is not always the answer to making your life complete or easier, in fact, it makes it even more difficult. The foundation of family values and the core belief that communication without any chance of being misinterpreted needs to be your first thought when relaying information, sharing thoughts and just saying “I love you.”

Pick up the phone (not in the car while driving), sit down and take that time to relax and share your thoughts with a loved one. For God’s sake, TEACH your children how and when to use their cell phones. Walking down the street texting and walking into a crosswalk oblivious to the entire world around them is not the proper etiquette or safe way to use these devices that have destroyed our personal relationships with so many!

Hop into the car, make a trip to visit those who you care about before they are only a memory without any interruption of laptops, cell phones or I-pads.

And, most importantly, get out of bed on Sunday morning and go to church. Ask for that day off at work. Don’t start any other activity until you have completed the most fundamental aspect of your life which is learning why you are here, what you are supposed to be doing and how to interact and care for others around you before getting out there and messing things up and then wondering why it happened and how to fix what you have just done.

Back to basics and just “take a moment” to place what is truly important first in your life and leave all the junk and clutter out of it.

God Bless !

Steve Hunter

South Williamsport

Submitted by Virtual Newsroom