Technology today

In today’s society newer and more technology develops every single day. From smart phones to tablets and touch screen computers there is so much out there and more and more is being made every day. Children today from the ages of 10 and up today now have smartphones and laptops. When I was a child I never had that I had the outdoors and was satisfied, these kids today don’t know how well they have it with everything.

Our technology that we are building advances more and more. Each year a brand new iPhone comes out, now we are up to the iphone6 with people talking about making an iphone7. Computers now a days are touch screen and removable keyboards and thinner than a piece of paper. Our society is building so fast today that it is hard to keep up with sometimes.

But sometimes this could be a bad thing as well, we have so much technology that we don’t know what to do with it sometimes. People today need to realize that there is more to life out there than just being glued on our phones and computers 24/7, that’s the problem with our society today we have all this technology and people waste a perfectly good day outside doing something with their phone or computer, I mean I know that being a teenager your phone never leaves your hand but parents should take control of that as well.

One of my biggest pet peeves is all this technology young kids have iPhones and laptops and everything. If your child is 10 years old, they should not have a smart phone they should be enjoying all the other things like being outdoors and playing, or getting involved with sports. Our kids today need to learn that there is more out their then a smart phone or computer. Parents have trouble with this as well, as a parent you should be setting a good example for your kid. Now I’m not saying all that all this technology is a bad thing I’m just saying that with all this we should learn that it’s not the only important thing in life.

Emily Bell

Jersey Shore

Submitted by Virtual Newsroom