I would like to thank Pennsylvania State Representative Matt Baker for his co-sponsorship of House Bill 1684. Along with Representatives Tina Pickett, Sandra Major and the bill’s prime sponsor Garth Everett, Representative Baker has continued to push for this important legislation to further define the original intent of the 1979 Guaranteed Minimum Royalty Act.

There are many oil and gas companies who have paid royalties of 12.5 percent and higher without deducting any post production costs and others who have charged modest fees based on actual third party charges. However others have found ways to reduce a 12.5 percent royalty to nearly 0 percent in some cases.

Shale gas development in the Northeast probably delivers over 20,000 royalty checks to land/mineral owners including farmers, homeowners, retirees, schools, churches, businesses, sportsman clubs, universities, local governments and even the Commonweath.

Representative Baker has been a strong supporter of responsible natural gas development and he is a strong supporter of the people who call his district home. Thank you Matt!

Jackie Roo

National Association of Royalty Owners

PA Chapter President


Submitted by Virtual Newsroom