The answer

It is very sad to read stories about people hurting others. Where does all this come from and what is the answer for our world today?

The answer is the same as it has always been Jesus. He is the only one who can save us from our sin. When God created the Universe it was perfect and everything was in order. It was the devils lies that infected the human race with sin and caused destruction, chaos and death in our world.

We are all born with a sinful nature because sin is passed down through fathers and we are all related to the first father Adam. God was the Father of Jesus and that is why he did not have the sin nature passed down to him although he was tempted in every way we are.

Jesus was the only sinless sacrifice whose blood could pay for all the sins of the whole world and that is why he died on the cross.

What his death, burial and resurrection mean for us today is that we can come to Jesus right where we are no matter how deep our hurt, pain, sin or mess we are in.

There is no religion, religious rituals or any amount of good works that can gain a soul heaven. The reason is because it is not about what we do but about what he (Jesus) did for us. We need only to accept this gift by believing that we are sinners in need of a Saviour and by asking Jesus to be our Saviour. It is not simply believing this but accepting it in our heart as our own. All those who are old enough to understand and have a sound mind will have to make this decision before they stand before God someday.

Christians are the worst for turning people away from accepting Jesus gift because they can be so judgemental.

Christians need to gently show Gods love and forgiveness through his word the Bible and stop pointing fingers. Love and share and let God do the convicting and changing. Believers are not bound by sin anymore but they will not be perfect until they reach eternity.

Accepting Jesus is only the beginning to a life of freedom. Although you cannot lose your salvation you can hurt your testimony to others by not following Jesus. You will want to live for him because of what he did for you. By filtering everything you do through the Bible is not a restricted life. It is a life that helps us let go of our pride and be able to truly have an identify. It helps us to find true peace, joy and goodness amlong the emptiness and business that so often surrounds us.

This is the true gift of Easter. It is the real life. This is how we can find true freedom.

Andrea Weitlich Abernatha


Submitted by Virtual Newsroom