The life solution

“Thy rod and thy staff they comfort me.”

I never really thought about this verse the way it hit me today. Thy rod and thy staff they comfort me… I pictured a Shepard looking intently out over the rolling hills, holding a staff, standing guard over all His sheep. He is ready to lay His life down at the first sign of trouble to protect them. Then, I imagine being one of the sheep, really unable to protect myself against any predator on my own. As I look up and see the Shepard standing watch; oh what peace that gives me. Knowing that I’m safe, and cared for. Isn’t that how it is now for you and me? That’s what this psalm is all about. Our Lord, Jesus protecting us, and providing our needs.

We have access to this peace and knowledge, and it’s in our hands to choose whether or not to believe it. It is by grace that we are saved through faith. Not of ourselves, although faith without works is dead, it’s not the works alone that saves us. It’s the faith that this Shepard with His rod and staff mean us no harm, and instead protects, provides, and even corrects us if need be in all circumstances for our own benefit.

Yeah, life still isn’t easy. No one should say or think it will be. Instead take the small first step towards opening yourself up to God who loves you: Give Him that chance to prove this true. After a while you will look back and see all the footprints in the sand scattered all over the place. As the poem goes, in the darkest hour you will find a Savior who is willing to carry you, as long as you’re willing to stay in His arms…

Derek Krause


Submitted by Virtual Newsroom