The real problem

I attended the showing of “The People” at the Community Arts Center April 7. After the movie, the panel was open to a question/answer segment. One of the first questions was, “What are you people going to do to get education in our schools to educate our children on the dangers of drugs”? I raised my hand, didn’t get called on, to say, “where is your child right now. He should be sitting here right next to you viewing this film”. I also wanted to say, for those of you parents who spend hours on the computer in evening on Facebook or other social media, perhaps you should be looking up resource tools to educate your child at home, where it starts. It’s not the public or a recovery panel’s responsibility to educate our children on the dangers of drugs. Spend less time on Facebook and more on your children.

Shawn Marie Gawblick


Submitted by Virtual Newsroom