Unacceptable behavior

I’m a social worker. I work with people who need and deserve the help of others to make their way in the world. It’s because I have made a career of helping others that it bothers me to discover that Sen. Toomey voiced support for dairy farmers during a Northampton County farm immediately after he voted against a bill which would have provided needed support to family-owned farms across the state. Why would Sen. Toomey vote against an agricultural bill which provides critical assistance to Pennsylvania dairy farmers and then show up at a dairy and act like he is on the side of our rural community? That’s just plain dishonest, and in my line of work, dishonesty is not tolerated.

The legislation Sen. Toomey voted against provides temporary help to dairies when their raw milk becomes contaminated through no fault of their own, such as by the dumping of waste by a public agency or the drainage of pesticides from crop farmers. That program can be helpful to small family-owned farms whose profit margin is small, preventing them from going bankrupt during a difficult time.

He also voted against dairy research programs that will ensure cows and their milk will not only be less susceptible to contamination and disease, but also will produce dairy products of even greater nutritional value. In my line of work, we constantly strive to improve what we do with and for others through research and education. Why would Sen. Toomey vote against legislation that helps Pennsylvania dairy farmers protect themselves against disaster, assure safety and sanitation, and find new and better ways to provide all of us with the dairy products we want and need?

I thought Sen. Toomey supported America’s small farming businesses. Instead, this is just the latest example of Toomey saying one thing in Pennsylvania and doing another with his vote in Washington, D.C., when he must think we’re not watching. It’s similar to how he talks about helping veterans, yet he has voted against every Veterans Administration budget bill since he has been a Senator. In my world, this sort of behavior is just not acceptable.

Stan Gould


Submitted by Virtual Newsroom