In this great country, everyone is born with certain rights to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. But to some, the rights to the pursuit of happiness have been stolen for the childish reason of that they are simply different from some people. This is, of course, the right of gay marriage.

The illegalization of gay marriage goes agents one of the main reasons this country was found, freedom. If a person is not allowed to legally be married to someone they love because of their sexual orientation, how can you say they are really free? How can we say that everyone is equal when a gay man or women has seemingly less rights than a straight man or women?

Most of the county practices Christianity and has a problem with things they do not understand such as a person being gay. But what happened to the separation of religion and state? Just as people have the right to believe in whatever religion they want, people also have the right to not believe in a religion at all. Someone else’s religious beliefs should not have an effect on another person with different beliefs to the point that that person no longer has the right of the pursuit of happiness.

But just as I have the right to say gay marriage should be legal, everyone else has that right to say that it should remain illegal, which is a freedom that is not given everywhere and makes our country great. However, this freedom of speech should not conflict with someone’s born rights to live a happy, loving, and prosperous life. Until this right of happiness is given to our fellow Americans, our human beings, we cannot truly say that we are all equal or free.

Evan Moore

Jersey Shore

Submitted by Virtual Newsroom