A work in progress

I have recently spent many hours thinking about the congressional disaster called Biggert-Waters, how it has affected so many in our area and across the U.S. and what people caught up in this debacle can do now. Stop FEMA Now fought the good fight and got beneficial but small changes in the law; we believe that unfortunately we can go no further legislatively until the National Flood Insurance Program is up for renewal in 2017. So what can those people who were thrown into this mess do to try and help their situation? The answer is flood mitigation.

But mitigation costs money and let’s face it, in this economy, with long- term unemployment, underemployment, stagnant wages, rising prices on almost everything, etc. very few homeowners can afford to do this on their own. However when speaking with local, county, state and federal officials the answer is the same no money available. Since our Congress decided to push this law through, with no forethought, one would think that they would have given consideration to helping homeowners to help themselves. But the only intent was to rush to raise funds to get FEMA out of the red ink situation they found themselves in, for whatever reason.

Let’s try to help homeowners in flood zones pre-plan, mitigate against future flooding, help themselves improve their properties to lessen flood damage, restore value to their homes and possibly have the ability to sell those homes. Help them to help themselves. It does not have to be a handout but a handup, such as low interest loan banks that homeowners can use for mitigation. This is a solution presently used for sewerage hook ups. In conclusion, if this federal government can spend almost $1 million in 1 month to round up 400 head of cattle in Nevada, if this government can send $100’s of thousands of dollars to Pakistan for flood aid, if this state can spend money to replace swimming pools in state parks, can they not offer funding to middle and low income people to help themselves out of the impossibly difficult situation they now find themselves in?

I urge everyone affected by Biggert-Waters to contact your local, county, state and federal officials to demand mitigation money.

Jeff Smead


Submitted by Virtual Newsroom