Abortion on demand

Abortion is against my religious values and belief. I feel what abortion has become is a lazy form of contraception.

Of course, none of our current or running individuals for elected office want to talk about abortion and its use as a contraceptive.

What our government is doing is encouraging this behavior as protected by the law.

Abortion under the law is unlimited; it does not matter how many times one needs an abortion, correct?

Does our Federal government know how many times this has been used as a form of contraception by an individual? Knowing our government’s recording keeping information of how many times an individual has an abortion is recorded somewhere in D C.

I have heard a saying something like, “I should have protected myself; there are a lot of over the counter means of contraceptive devices BUT laziness over took me.”

Until this value changes I feel my tax dollar should not be available for a payment I do not believe in.

I am not referring to abortion as a result of rape or incest or for medical indications

John T. Kovich


Submitted by Virtual Newsroom