Abuse of power

Taking down the basketball hoops in any city park is abuse of power! The city taxpayers, homeowners, renters, would rather have the youths playing basketball, taking in a Crosscutters game, having a picnic, swimming in the pool. The mayor cites trash to be the reasoning. Really! I travel Route 180 everyday between the Fourth Street ramp and Faxon. I suppose the youth playing basketball littered all along the highway too!

Little league Baseball parade, all the litter after it, I suppose the youth playing basketball do that too! Mardigras! The city crews clean that mess up! Our youths only do what our leaders do.

On another matter, the county commissioners should release hotel tax monies, to repair the Memorial pool. The historical Bowman Field, Original Little League, are tourist attractions that qualify for distribution under the law!

Frank Kelley


Submitted by Virtual Newsroom