Do we need more congressional time and taxpayers’ money spent on a new House committee investigation of what happened in and after the Benghazi affair?

We already have had thirteen public hearings, release of 25,000 pages of documents and 50 separate hearings in the past year and a half. All information from the above has been reviewed by the bipartisan Senate Intelligence Committee and its findings and concerns made public.

This renewed effort to pursue Benghazi appears to be an attempt to discredit Hillary Clinton, the Democrat’s possible presidential candidate for 2016. If Republicans want to go after Clinton, they need to find other issues and stop wasting congressional time and taxpayers’ money on rehashing Benghazi.

Better yet, how about spending time and taxpayers’ money on immigration reform, climate change challenges, serious drug addition and other critical problems facing this country?

Alison Hopper


Submitted by Virtual Newsroom