Common Core

I’m sure you have seen the commercials on TV. Teacher standing in a classroom stating how wonderful Common Core is. Lets consider several facts. First why the push on TV for common Core? Is every student common? Can all students be taught the same way? When was the last curriculum developed in PA? Why are our federal and state elected officials endorsing Common Core?

My background, I taught elementary, junior high when we had it, senior high, undergraduate, graduate students, supervised student teachers and got old and retired. But wait, I’m sitting around and a thought comes to me, “why not teach in Europe?” After all your grand parents came from Europe. Can you make the adjustment they had to make? So I did; I taught in Prague, Poland, and Romania.

Back to my thoughts on Common Core: Why the push for this package? The bottom line is money a lot of it. After all some of this money may already be in the hands of our elected officials. I predict there will be grant money to help school buy into this program.

I can almost see the glitter of the new books for children. How about a glitzy workbook? Wow, look at the teachers manual! There is a ton of A V materials, including power point, maybe some of this will work. My thought is buy now; store it in the basement when it doesn’t work. Go to any school; go to the basement; ask the custodian where the old books are kept. Who knows, maybe you will stumble across the New Math Series.

I’m not a gambler but in this case I’m betting Common Core will make more millionaires than Rhodes Scholars.

John T. Kovich


Submitted by Virtual Newsroom