Common stock Americans

Are we entitled to an opinion(s) as Americans? What seems to be happening thru our politicians and public media is coercion to believe along a simplistic approved limited acceptable ideology. I do not know who or what organization(s) are developing this ideology. I sure do not have any input into what is right and wrong.

Growing up in American I was exposed to a significant large group of opinions and ideas; as well as different ethnic groups and religious belief. I had the option to accept or reject what I consider was compatible to my beliefs and values.

This concept seems to be disappearing from my options.

This approach to control think was obvious under communist control; if one did not believe along the party line there were select reeducation centers in far off Siberia.

An example is Solzhenitsyn, he lived thru a living hell. He kept true to his believe system. Are we as a country heading in this direction that communism traveled?

John T. Kovich


Submitted by Virtual Newsroom