Drug war viruses

I challenge anybody to give the definition of a racist and prove Mayor Campana is a racist. He is not and Miss Griffith and Loni Gamble are way off about what they are saying in the newspaper.

Mayor Campana is doing what he feels is the best way to deal with the problem in Memorial Park. These are not children that he is dealing with but young adults that should have more respect for the park since Memorial Park is a park that many children use. Last summer they were warned about the litter but they continue to ignore and continue to litter.

Tax dollars are used to pay the wages for park employees and they shouldn’t have to walk behind somebody who is too lazy to throw their litter in a trash can?

We are all aware that Williamsport has a serious heroin problem and this is petty fighting over a basketball hoop. I am sure you don’t want your children playing in the park and finding a used dirty needle and picking it up and pricking themselves.

Mayor Campana has improved our quality of living and bringing new things to our community. He has been fighting the Heroin Problem and I think that is more important than taking down the hoops in Memorial Park.

Next summer Memorial Park will have a new and beautiful swimming pool. Will the pool be misused like they are doing to the park?

Mayor Campana is having a summit in June and it will be a closed meeting. He is bringing in persons that have dealt with the drug issue in their cities. Neighborhood Watches are happy they are meeting and some good ideas could come out of this meeting. Too many people are overdosing and dying and the drug dealers are getting the money. This needs to be stopped.

Instead of calling the mayor names we should give him all the support we can and pray for the success of the summit. People who are complaining are people who have nothing to bring to the table.

CAPPA has a lot to deal with so I would think they should be happy Mayor Campana is doing everything possible to solve the heroin problem in Williamsport.

I am asking everybody to think about all this and decide what is the important problem in Williamsport basketball hoops for Memorial Park or the war we are fighting on heroin to protect our children?

Bashing the mayor in the newspaper is not the answer to the problem.

Sally L Wiegand


Submitted by Virtual Newsroom