Tolerance delivered by government guns. Democracy delivered through bombs, military occupations, and drones. The executioner’s face always well hidden. The Great Society decimated by endless war. A Central Bank, with no oversight or accountability, provides false prosperity through endless money creation; encouraged by faux capitalists on Wall Street, banking cartels, and bureaucrats. Money does not grow on trees. A bloated Federal Government that is beyond our control. Socialism used to save capitalism. Fear is not respect. The dangers of unwarranted concealment have far outweighed the dangers which were cited to justify them. An Empire replacing the Republic. Torture now seen as an acceptable means of war.

There are 700 U. S. military bases in 130 countries. Puppets installed and disposed by other puppets. Serfdom in the form of national security. Murder in the name of peace. Welfare for banks and corporations and not for the poor. Trillions of dollars spent on a failed warfare/welfare state. Returning military veterans considered possible terrorist suspects by the state for which they fought. Delinquency and nepotism rewarded, hard work and honesty disregarded. American Patriots labeled as traitors. The Constitution mocked, taken for granted, and always cast aside. A society unwilling to work together due to blind loyalty to their party. A government above the law. Anti-Americanism rampant throughout the world.

Grandiose schemes built on falsehoods with the morality of Ponzi and Madoff. Health delivered through force and coercion. Young imaginations treated as disorders. Ignorance replacing wisdom.

An epidemic of nepotism. Hypocrisy disguised as diplomacy. A nation without morals. Mediocrity the norm. Indoctrination served as education. The nation going the way of Detroit. Dilution served as news. Dangerous wars spreading throughout the world. We have forgotten what made America great and prosperous. Revolutionary thinking is needed to restore the Republic.

Christopher Erdman

South Williamsport

Submitted by Virtual Newsroom