Gas wells and sinks

I read about all the things brought by the natural gas, 22 hundred lights, 24 hour golfing, a lake as big as Rose Valley Lake and on and on with all the goodies. Nothing was mentioned how they were going to safe guard the sinks. In case you haven’t heard of, or know what the sinks are, it is an underground river or lake that runs from beyond Elimsport to beyond Washingtonville and at any given time, in the dryest weather, will flood the field and roads as much as it did a couple years ago on the road from the blinking light on 15 to Elimsport.

The county, state and U.S. government know they’re there. Will the drilling and fracking contaminate the underground lake or river that could effect our wells and streams from Elimsport to Washingtonville? My two uncles and their dad had two farms over toward Elimsport for nearly 100 years and their farms got flooded with the water from the sinks constantly over the years.

Who is going to be responsible should the sinks and underground lake or river become polluted? There are numerous ponds on the U.S. prison grounds that those sinks supply water to as well. I would hope before they start drilling wells that some agency would check this concern out.

Robert H. Temple