Gays legal, still immoral

I recently read of the overruling of the Gay Marriage Ban in the state of PA. While I understand the continued increase of immorality in our country and that those who are homosexual have a right in this country to the same rights I would like to point out that just because something is labeled “legal” does not make it “moral”. The Bible sets very clear guidelines as to what is morally acceptable by God’s standards and homosexuality is not one of them.

To think that such a relationship is in any way normal and to say that “if it makes them happy and it is not hurting anyone then why fight it”, is flawed thinking. The nation of Israel was sent into exile for national sins that had built to a level unbearable by God and was therefore punished.

Today we are no different in America. Abortion, Homosexuality, sex before marriage, these are sins before God and if they build to a level unbearable before Him we as a nation will be punished. This is hurting others. Now I know this falls on deaf ears as religious intolerance but so be it. Truth is truth and to those who belong to churches in the area who are practicing homosexuals I would say that hearing a gospel from your pulpit that just makes you feel good but does not confront your sin then you are attending an apostate church.

The article from a recent paper about history in the making spoke of two people with a son who had church events that he needed to go to and so they wanted to get there application in for their gay marriage quickly so he wouldn’t be late. They mentioned that their priest was accepting of them, but I would wonder if he was also condemning of their sin and was actively trying to encourage them to repent and turn to God. For the Bible also tells us that if we repent of our sins and accept the free gift of Jesus Christ as our savior then we can be saved and healed. If their priest is not telling them this then he is not preaching the truth of God’s word.

God’s word clearly speaks against homosexuality and describes it as being wrong and unnatural, 1 Tim 1:9-11, Romans 1:25-27. Legal does not mean moral and this is truly shameful and sad that we as a nation have sunk this low.

Nathan Bierly

Jersey Shore

Submitted by Virtual Newsroom