I just got off the phone with my mom and we were reminiscing about the hobos who’d jump off the railroad cars in search of food.

They always seemed to come at our door and were welcomed. I did some research on hearing how they would mark a place, like only bread given here. It would be an oblong circle with dots inside, and then I saw one that broke my heart; there was one with a circle for the head and a smaller one for the body and next to this mark was three little ones the same, only smaller, which meant kind women with children.

Many of these down in their luck, mom always made sure they left full and a bag with extra sandwiches and coffee, today when I run out of coffee filters I do like in the depression watching my grandmother fill a big pot of cold water, dump the amount need and just when it started to boil she’d turned it off as the grounds would settle to the bottom. I must say it was the best coffee I ever had.

As I sit hear silently thanking god for what we have, hoping our children never have to go through a depression, or stand in a bread line, these people were not bums there simply was no jobs to be had, and if I can ease just one soul god granted I’ll be a better person.

This is why it’s so important to give or drop off food at the food banks; you would be surprised to see all walks of life there, so please give what you really don’t need.

Carole Myers Gerst


Submitted by Virtual Newsroom