His vision

Good news for the county with the ability to move forward on the Day Treatment Center that will help to alleviate overcrowding at Lycoming County Prison, and address root causes of recidivism. It is a shame, however, that our own mayor voted against the zoning decision that allowed this forward progress. Why wouldn’t Mayor Campana support the DTC plans, especially considering the opening of this facility is a plus for Lycoming County and Williamsport on so many levels? When asked, he defended his decision by charging that the DTC would not be in line with his vision for the future of the city’s downtown. Period. That’s all he offered on the subject.

With offenders already downtown going to court, paying fines, at probation and parole, etc, it just makes sense to have the DTC downtown.. The location is easily accessible for both offender and the professionals that work with them. It makes sense to keep that population going where they already go. So what upsets the Mayor’s “vision?” If the Mayor’s vision for the downtown is so important to him that he would throw the DTC plans under the bus in order to accomplish it, what else would he do?

Considering the role that Campana’s vision plays in his decision making, I took a new look at the hoops issue. I asked myself why would Campana remove the hoops in one park permanently for littering and other behaviors he deemed inappropriate, then reinstall them in a park where he had once removed them as a direct response to a fatal shooting. Littering warrants a permanent removal and a shooting doesn’t? That makes no sense to me.

The vision gives the hoops decisions new meaning. I would say his motives lean more toward visibility of certain “classes” of individuals within the city. With these decisions, he is determining where and when those certain classes will be seen by visitors, dignitaries he invites, here potential investors, business planners, and others.

I do not believe Campana had any plans to keep untrained civilians permanently on a roving patrol with codes officers. Period. He is no dummy and he knows that such a civilian patrol makes no practical sense and is simply an unsafe situation with potential for disaster. I believe he wanted to make a splash for those that might be watching, particularly in light of the vision, and that is exactly what he did.

I believe Mayor Campana has a vision other than the one he has for the city. I believe he has a vision for himself that goes beyond his job as a Mayor. I believe he has political aspirations and a vision that are bigger than what Williamsport has to offer and every decision he makes are made with that in mind.

I may be way off base and actually, I hope that I am. I would like to think that Mayor Campana is motivated by an altruistic desire to do the best for this city and the people in it. Though I am registered Democrat, I broke rank and voted for Campana for I believed in his vision for the city. I won’t do it again, for while the vision may not have changed, I’m not sure I want anything to do with his methods of getting there.

Stephanie O’Hargan


Submitted by Virtual Newsroom