Hoops reasoning

Where were you, Loni Gamble or Bruce White, head of CAPPA, when the hoops were open? Obviously not in Memorial Park. Did you ever walk down to support your children and brothers or fathers? Did you go to check on the garbage, needles, broke glass, etc.? Did you pick up trash or ask the young people there to clean it up? That was the only way the courts would remain open. They knew Mayor Campana gave them an option.

Now it is too late. There, young people thought that gave would never follow through with his warning. “Surprise.” Why care now? They did this to themselves. If they truly cared, they would have checked to make sure they could keep the courts open. I shouldn’t say theirs, as it was supposed to be for everybody. At one point there was a hoop open and one of my family members with their sons went down to play and were told that hoop was “taken.” Talk about discrimination!

Stop putting the blame on Gabe. I support him 100 percent. He is truly trying to make our kids and everyone safe in this community. We have interracial relationships and marriages in our family and we all get along great. I hope we can go forward and learn to come together from this.

We must realize that we can’t take good things for granted, and follow the rules, as they are meant for all of us. God Bless all of our children and young people to unite and do what’s best for everyone, and not believe that our public parks belong to only a few in our community. Thank you, Gabe, for doing what was right. Maybe everyone can learn you don’t get rewarded for bad behavior.

Sandy Butters