Hoops removal solution

I think the taxpayers and the citizens of Williamsport area need to rethink the problem of the removal of basketball hoops at memorial park. Does anyone know what the mayor wants to use that area for? I bet he already has something else in mind for that court and is using the trash and drug dealers as an excuse to get that area for his own agenda.

Have the surrounding areas, such as South Williamsport, Loyalsock and Montoursville thought how much removing the hoops is going to impact their parks and communities?

Why not put the parks on the list of community service for the people on probation? Let the drug dealers who trash the parks clean them up free of charge.

The swings, playgrounds were not removed, yet the younger kids throw just as much trash as the teenagers do. I think the mayor is creating a bigger problems for these kids who have nothing to do. Come on, mayor, what is really on your mind? If the park is that bad, patrol it more and have community service clean it up.

Most of all, the kids who use that court are really good kids. If a bushel of apples have one or two bad apples, you don’t’ throw away the whole bushel. You get rid of the bad ones. Patrol the area more, use community services to clean it up. All the mayor is doing is moving one problem to a different area.

Sandy Metzger