Inspiring article

The Life Changes article in the May 4th edition may have caused many to stop and evaluate how they live their life. Diane Langley expressed kindness and courtesy stories and comments.

The following are direct quotations from her writing.

“How simple it is to be kind to one another.”

“Respect is earned with each and every interaction effort throughout the entirety of our lives-not just one memorable gesture in time.”

It can be difficult when you feel conflicted with someone. Yet the choice is yours to engage or disengage.”

While reality remains that a wide variety of people will exist in our lives, I wholeheartedly believe that there are good people in this world. Each one can teach us something.”

“Two of the most important things about kindness and courtesy are: 1) they be shared without any expectations for a return gesture and 2) they should only be offered with good intentions.

“May kindness and courtesy be offered to you as daily blessings. May you recognize your gifts and how important they are to share. May you act as a true child of God and always look to improve the human condition.

May you inspire to others to pay it forward by using forward thinking. May you choose every waking opportunity to continually make a difference in the lives of others. May you be a catalyst for peace!

Diana’s first sentence in the article was a tremendous statement and dream. I would like to end my last sentence with the same words, “I dream of a world where kindness and courtesy are a priority for everyone without exception.”

Will you engage in this wonderful thought by reaching out to others or will the world take longer to reach the dream because you disengaged?”

I was inspired by this wonderfully written article and now want to pass it on to you!

Bill Burget


Submitted by Virtual Newsroom