Junk science

It’s no secret that the climate change disciples are almost, if not more, fanatical than the Islamic extremists. The astounding propaganda articles, filled with gloom and doom scenarios, proliferate the Internet and now the Sun-Gazette has jumped on the bandwagon too.

Despite what President Obama and his minions tout as “settled science”, the man-made global warming theory is just that a theory, and an unproven one at that. The only thing “settled” about this entire load of junk is the fact that well-heeled people like Al Gore are raking in hundreds of millions through the use of cheap scare tactics foisted on the uninformed. If the Obama administration continues to proceed unchecked, his unelected bureaucrats in the EPA will succeed in destroying the economy with draconian, job-killing regulations. And the “Green” industry the hundreds of companies that have sprouted like weeds will pocket billions of tax dollars by selling products that do little more than create a feel-good vibe amongst the easily fooled.

Our Earth is several billion years old. We live on the thin crust of a ball of super hot magma, liquid rock and gases that routinely escape into the atmosphere and have done so since the planet was formed. The ever-expanding world population is consuming more natural resources, generating more waste, trying to cram humans into every available space, but how do the warming alarmists explain the Earth’s natural recovery from every volcanic eruption, every Methane release from the sea bed, every shift in the planet’s axis such as occurred after the earthquake near Japan in 2011?

The panic over melting ice in the Arctic has been tamped down, since the ice has actually increased in the last two years; sea level changes take decades to occur; jet stream shifts are routine.

The political cabal that continues to foist unproven “science” upon us is seeking to effect a huge transfer of wealth and power to a select few, not to change by much what the Earth’s natural cycles of adjustment can do alone, and have done for millennia, without our interference.

Jon Smith


Submitted by Virtual Newsroom