Kudos to Rescue Workers

Congratulations to the American Rescue Workers for their 80 years of service in Williamsport! They have provided invaluable services to our community, and we at the North Central PA chapter of the American Red Cross are grateful and proud to be your community partners.

After members of our community have been struck by a disaster, such as a fire or flood, the role of the American Red Cross is to supply immediate assistance we provide clothing, shelter, food, and toiletries for the first few days, and further assistance as needed.

After that, we refer clients to community partners such as the American Rescue Workers.

Without their support, such as furniture and clothing from their store, many of our clients would have a much more difficult time recovering from such a devastating loss.

Like most service organizations, our resources are limited, which limits the help we can provide.

I am proud to say, however, that we can count on a strong regional network of non-profits, churches, businesses, and government agencies who work to support those at their most vulnerable.

The American Rescue Workers is a crucial member of this network, and without their selfless service, we would all be much the poorer.

Steve Leauber


Disaster Program Manager

The American Red Cross

Submitted by Virtual Newsroom