Let me see

Let me see if I get this straight. The Department of Corrections in Oklahoma couldn’t find the drugs used for executions, so a set of drugs that had never been tested to see if they could be used for the purpose of ending the life of a death-row inmate were obtained from some unnamed, unknown source.

Two inmates were selected for termination by the Governor of Oklahoma.

The inmates objected in court, claiming they had a right to know what drugs were going to be used to kill them and where those drugs had come from.

The case would up before the Oklahoma Supreme Court. In a 5-4 decision, the Court delayed the executions pending resolution of the issues presented in the case. The court did not throw out the death penalty; it merely wanted to resolve some issues in the case before proceeding with the execution.

The governor of Oklahoma effectively thumbed her nose at the Supreme Court and issued an executive order to proceed with the executions without delay.

Certain Legislators in Oklahoma threatened to begin impeachment proceedings against the Supreme Court Justices who voted for the delay. Feeling the pressure, the Court reversed itself and lifted the previous Order.

The executions were scheduled; inmate #1 was prepped and readied for death … but death did not come as planned; something went horribly wrong with the procedure. The drugs did not work as planned. The methodology used to administer the drugs was flawed. The inmate suffered. The execution was called off by the Department of Corrections. The inmate died of a heart attack, not an act of execution.

I thought we were a nation of laws. I thought a Court Order was a Court Order. I was wrong.

I find it beyond belief that the governor of Oklahoma would chose to openly and callously defy a legitimate Court Order from the Supreme Court of Oklahoma and that the Legislature of Oklahoma would threaten to impeach the Justices issuing that Order. I’m not opposed to the death penalty but a Court Order is a Court Order, or at least I though so.

I’m just now learning that there are vigilantes and so-called militia members blocking I-15 in Clark County, Nevada, setting up checkpoints and demanding identification from anyone traveling that Federal Highway who “looks suspicious.”

Now, tell me, what kind of country have we become?

Stanley Gould


Submitted by Virtual Newsroom