Local VA care good

One of the major national TV news stories has been the VA Scandal. We are now dealing with a national scandal with investigation into the whole system. As a 100% disabled veteran, I wanted to comment on our local VA services and the Wilkes Barre VA hospital. The VA clinic in Williamsport has several doctors, including a Psychiatrist and a Psychologist, Physicians Assistants, nurses and support staff.

I have received care there for over 10 years and have found the care to be top rate, just as good as civilian care if not better. While their phone system can be frustrating, once you reach a receptionist, they are helpful, prompt, I can get appointments as needed and everyone all the time with you that you need.

I have never had to wait longer than I thought appropriate for an appointment. Obviously it is not for emergency care or even same-day care, but it meets 99% of my needs very efficiently.

I have found the Wilkes Barre VA Hospital to be equally responsive and efficient. While I wasn’t impressed with the care 20 years ago when I was medically discharged from the Navy, the hospital has been renovated, many new staff have been added and when I get there for an appointment, I usually get in faster than a civilian hospital appointment.

I use their ophthalmology services, best eye exams I have ever received and free glasses. I have also had many x-rays, dexascans, evaluations at this hospital and all have been first rate. The pharmacy is very efficient and their on-line re-ordering system is top notch and fast.

I cannot speak for the VA system in general, but just felt that I had to speak out on our local care for veterans.

Our local system has proven to be efficient, competent and responsive and I hope other local veterans have experienced the same quality of care that I have. A very proud veteran who is concerned about this national scandal and how deep it goes.

Ami Pagana


Submitted by Virtual Newsroom