Our backbone

Offer us an ultimatum instead of ordering something done against our will and ability. The hands that are reaching out for some policy changes in preference to some financial help from the state or federal governments, are being ignored. Something must be done and done right. How the government and elected leaders are reacting towards the Biggert-Waters Flood Insurance Act, is ridiculous and down right obnoxious. The purpose of a law was once made to protect the majority of the population, not to destroy it. Today the trend has been reversed and new laws are driving the average American into bankruptcy or complete oblivion.

Instead of kicking the teeth out of a young couple like Mike and Lurie Portanova, who are trying to be new entrepreneurs venturing into a family business for themselves and for the good of the borough of Jersey Shore, the government should not be throwing up barrier to defeat the importance of entrepreneurship in America.

I have known Mike Portanova since he was a boy and walked out on the Jersey Shore wrestling mat and never losing a scholastic wrestling match to any opponent until he graduated from high school. I speak out by writing in defense of anything that is morally incorrect, such as this flood insurance act, which is effecting the very lives of the less fortunate citizens of this country, while the more fortunate who own and live in the mansions on the hills, are elevated a few more steps up the ladder of success.

This flood insurance act is a situation calling for a decision between two equally bad alternatives; even our state Rep. Tom Marino would like to see the entire flood insurance reform action repealed. It’s time to show our government that we were all born with a backbone, not just our lawmakers.

Weldon C. Cohick Jr.