Preserve your rights

Thomas Jefferson’s prediction: “Those who allow their guns to be hammered into plows will plow for those who do not.” Gun Owners nightmare: Those who elect Rep Schwartz, Tom Wolf, Katie McGinty, or Rob McCorb as Governor on November 4th will be endorsing their agenda: Enacting universal background checks, banning semi-automatic rifle sales, and granting municipalities the ability to enact gun control ordinances.

Democratic Attorney Kathleen Kane’s stated ambition, requiring “all” gun sales be processed through licensed firearm dealers or county Sheriffs with a 48-hour waiting period, would now receive governors support. Anti-gun politicians depend on the dependent, uninformed, and gullible to embrace their “feel” good” firearm infringements. The anti’s want semi-automatic rifles banned; of the 12,765 homicides committed in 2012 with 8,855 firearms, 322 used were rifles.

The Justice department surveyed 1,402 inmates and found only 0.7% obtained firearms at gun shows, while nearly 90% obtained guns from family, friends, straw purchases, or theft, thus bypassing background checks. The FBI performed 6,037,394 background checks in 2010, denied 72,659, prosecuted 44 for illegally trying to purchase a firearm, and only 13 of those prosecuted resulted in a conviction. The Justice Department claimed assault weapon bans would be ineffective unless universal background checks preceded mandatory registration, and no exceptions on gun buy backs.

If a Democratic governor is elected gun owners will definitely endure legislation banning and registering semi-automatic rifles and large capacity magazines, just as gun owners experienced this year in Connecticut and New York under Democratic governors, Malloy and Cuomo. Thousands of gun owners in Connecticut and New York became felons by ignoring their unconstitutional laws, burned their registration forms, and vowed to resist the confiscation of their legally owned firearms. No need to become a felon. Vote! Preserve your 2nd amendment rights.

William L. Emick


Submitted by Virtual Newsroom